DC is full of events and opportunities. It’s been 2 months and I can not count how many events and places I have been able to make it to. To count a few;

  1. The Manager Mindset: how to be an effective manager; This workshop was led by LeadIn and was held at Mt. Pleasant Neighborhood Library. The entry was free. The one-hour workshop was participatory and gave us opportunities to reflect upon ourselves. Those who already have experience of being a manager could reflect upon ourselves and those who didn’t have managerial experience could discuss factors that they would like to adopt when becoming a manager.


  1. Young Professional Networking- This was my first time to the young professional network event. I have heard about it before and I always wanted to go. This event was held in Barcode American Restaurant. I went with my fellow friend. The event didn’t have any particular signage or information. So, we had our dinner for a while and then when we finally decided to leave we saw the group of people putting their name sticker on their clothes. Then we figured out this was the place. It was awkward as the event was not organized well. When we approached people, not all of them wanted to talk. This was supposed to be a networking people. We decided we would talk to at least 3 people and we did and left. I hope to find better networking events next time.


  1. CERT Training: Community Emergency Response Training organized by Service DC is a 5 days long training (3 hours a day except on the last day). It was so hectic to attend the training after the office as the timing was from 6pm to 9pm. They had to postpone the training for a week which mean I will be skipping the 3 classes.


  1. Deloitte Resume review and public speaking workshop: Resume review was a good session although it was a short call. There were a lot of background noises as all the skype calls were happening at the same time. It should have been well managed. But it was a good opportunity and I got some important ideas to revise my resume. The public speaking workshop was interesting which was led by Deloitte Toastmasters Club. It was not so new to me, but it was a good chance to practice public speaking along with other fellows.


NotImage may contain: food to miss the fun things, we had opportunities to go to the museum and attend the virtual reality show for free. Zoo and other tourist areas are free to explore. I also tried free Gym classes and boxing classes which was fun. I am looking forward to attending other outdoor activities in DC. Good luck to other fellows. Always keep your eyes open but don’t be overwhelmed 🙂 and keep on exploring the happy hour too.

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