Last month I talked about LBL campaign and my first day and now in this blog I would like to share about Day 2.

Day 2: We are not stakeholders in this world?

When I was preparing for LBL I was gathering the food with a mindset that I should buy that which is enough for five days. So on the back of my mind I was thinking that I should be able to eat five days enough and completing the challenge. Again a pretty selfish approach! In the morning of 2nd day, I was thinking that many people do not have money to buy food for five days. They are just dependent on daily labor or some casual work they get. Not necessarily they have the money to buy for even 3 meals a day instead of 5 days. So I took one apple and one banana and one half left over piece of bread from last time for today’s lunch. I took my morning tea and I took my afternoon tea (I usually take 10 cups a day!). My colleagues passed through my desk to ask how I am doing with LBL and I shared my thoughts with him. I shared that my own religion preached for this charity but unfortunately many people don’t follow. He gave me a cookie by saying “I don’t want to ruin your norm for LBL”. For the first time of my life I try to eat apple and banana in little installments. I eat banana for 4 times just to make sure that I have some when I feel so hungry. So since morning to 4:30 I took little bites and then packed them and then eat them again. I was thinking about a lot of labors I use to observe close to F-7 market in Islamabad while coming back from my office when I was working in Pakistan. Every time these groups of unskilled labor run to those one or two cars were here to hire them for some masonry work. I always feel sad for them but could not do anything just pray.
While coming back at home, I try to get busy on internet and doing other things just to expand my threshold and at 9:30 when I was feeling so cold, headache and dizzy I went to sleep and I wake up in the morning at 6:00 am with a strong headache. I was so tired that I could not talk to my mom when she called me at 11:30 pm and after hearing my voice she put off the phone as she wanted me to have proper rest. In the morning I was so sad because she informed me few days ago that one of our old maid (I talked about her in my first day blog) wanted to talk to me and it’s been more than 1 year that she talked to me. I missed that chance to talk to her, she is my favorite person in this world and among those women I aspire. She never compromise on her dignity to live a better life but on her own efforts and struggle.
I was thinking and reflecting a lot again. I was feeling cold because of weakness but I was able to sleep in cozy bed. LBL is my own choice for 3 days or 5 days but for some they have no option. Who else is responsible for all this? We use to blame that one should get education to find better work and other things without being empathetic. Many of us are happy and satisfied by buying expensive cars, luxurious houses, designer dresses and eating at our favorite restaurant. I am not against all these but what’s wrong if we try to share some of our wealth with others only little part may 20$ per month or 500$ a year. While sending our children to expensive school and making sure that they are getting quality education we ever thought about those kids who even don’t have access to school. We talk about stakeholders in our work; we all are not the stakeholders in this world? All these miseries around the world do not make us feel sad inside? How much holistic approach is needed to work other than focusing on one issue?
I always love Africa and sometimes my friends use to say “Oh, why you love Africa? What is there? Hunger? Poor people etc” And I have sometimes no answers for this other than that I just love Africa and want to work there.
Today, I have the answer! I am a humanitarian worker. I don’t want to limit myself with geographical boundaries. This whole ‘World’ belong to me, to every single individual and we all are equally stakeholders and accountable to all sufferings and happenings. We should try to play our part, whether working for non-profit or donating a little amount from our wealth does not matter if it’s a 5 $ bill which can make a difference in the lives of those who are living at extreme poverty.
I have such a bad headache today, and I don’t know how I am going to do today but what I can feel is I am stronger than Yesterday and I am feeling myself more committed and attached with my work, I love to do. I am happy and contented that I am working for non-profit.
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