This is going to be a freestyle digest of multiple sources on resume writing. As before, I cannot recommend enough top universities’ resources on CV-writing: they provide well-structured, hard won and very thorough advice on resume and cover letters. My favorite ones are by LSE, Oxford and Harvard.

Now, without further ado, the main point I gathered from those sources: it’s important to guide the reader through your CV like a movie director or a visual artist. The tools you have in your hands are clear structure, white space and order of appearance. Let me explain what I mean:

  • Overall clear structure will convey the idea that you are an organized and orderly person and think clearly. It will also help an eye to navigate freely through your CV.
  • White space around the text is a more elegant way to visually highlight an important message as opposed to playing with font thickness, size and slant. By the way, try to minimize the font variations – use maximum two sizes, one color, may be some text in bold.
  • The more important stuff should appear early in the CV/section/sentence. Your top qualifications in the top header. Most relevant skills on the top of your responsibilities list. Keywords in the beginning of a sentence.

And here is a wonderful and creative resume sample that showcases the above recommendations aside from color and icons, but the author is a creative professional and hascertain degree of freedom in his expressive means (image source and more pictures:







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