Data Analytics is THE buzzword today.

With the rise of industry technologies, the degree of technological adoption of your call center will determine your competitive edge. I drafted this 4-minute read to touch on Data Analytics, the one trend that steers the direction of our industry more than any other with a cross-cutting effect.

In my short career as a consultant of the industry of Customer Experience I have gathered, various learnings from my customers. Articles of the industry highlight the importance of data-driven decision making to address your customers’ needs as well as the great opportunity companies has to leverage their agents to do so. Agents in contact centers interact with your customers and thus possess highly valuable insights. Here are some techniques I consider important to have a successful customer experience strategy.

First, digital marketing plays a key role in a successful customer experience strategy. Tracking social media buzz through hashtags is an opportunity for companies to receive feedback and address it in a casual tone and immediate manner.

Second, platforms like Uber Conference help us capture and record all customer calls, meetings, and any type of engagement. I know this may sound like a breakthrough technology, but this might. Today, technologies have enabled contact centers to even register emotions on caller’s voice to sense satisfaction or the lack thereof.

Last but not least and definitely not obsolete, is your good old survey. The opportunity your contact center agents have to reach out to customers while on the phone for feedback is priceless. Adding a simple survey ask to an ongoing conversation is the best way to get immediate feedback from your customers. If you want to take it a step further, offer your customer a reward for delivering that feedback. Discounts or gift cards always get the job done.

 Needless to say, contact centers that embrace not only the use of these technologies but also leverage their agents reach to enhance their customer experience strategy are prone to succeed.

This blog post is based on information from diverse authors and their articles and research on the industry.