Nurturing Cultural Diversity and working towards equality for all is the overriding priority we should focus on to make societies and whole world a better place for all races to enjoy their live peacefully. However, prejudice, race-based discrimination and intolerance remain common resulting in negative health, social and economic consequences for affected individuals and groups and for the wider communities. In particular there is a link between exposure to self-reported discrimination and mental health. Race-based discrimination is also among the barriers to closing the gap in health, social and economic status.

In addition to that, the responses to racial, ethnic, and cultural diversity are shaped by influences in our social context, such as the beliefs of significant others, the messages we read or hear in the media, what we are taught in school and values and skills we acquire in our families and communities.

Furthermore, this context can be changed and strengthened, so that there is great potential to work together to reduce racism and promote acceptance of diversity. Such efforts must be ongoing within the communities. However, understanding community attitudes is an important component of these efforts because attitudes influence social norms, which in turn influence behavior. Community attitudes towards racism, race, ethnicity, and culture can therefore, be seen as a barometer of our progress in creating an environment that are inclusive and welcoming of racial and ethnic diversity.

In nutshell, all races should embrace the spirit of togetherness and we should fight together the external factors like global warming, Tsumani, earthquake, storm, various diseases like HIV/AIDS, cancer, viruses and eventually eradicate poverty in less developing countries and stop civil wars. It is impressive to quote Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. rightly that “an individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity”.

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