We often wait to know who we are to start making a difference in this world, with million social, economic, cultural and political problems out there, it gets harder to choose which ocean to dive in, because choosing that path comes with responsibility of choice, we would have to fully immerse and internalize to evolve into a hero of our cause, that hero is expected to be creative. The word creative itself tends to have that feel that we need to build up something from scratch which might be a setback for many of us, while not all of us can create I believe most of us can re-create, we can study, analyze, remix, mash up and transform; think of it as a mashup song with many original songs involved but the final product becomes your original make. Creativity is dimensional, let your imagination roam free, that elusive muse of good will hit you if you break free from your ‘’functional fixedness’’ which is a psychological term that refers to your ‘Auto-pilot’, typical way of solving problems and analyzing situations, try to mute the voices that tell you your ideas will make you seem like a fool, our uncensored thoughts are far more creative than our conscious ones, match your skills with challenging ideas to fully emerge and become creative, speak without fear of retribution, you don’t need to trust others to speak your thoughts out, the only person there is to trust is your own self, vanquish your own negativity and value your intuitive thoughts, ignite that passion within you, it is there somewhere hiding in the blinding flash of the obvious!