Creativity and Innovation have a definite impact on organizational working and progress. Every organization needs creativity to excel towards a newer era. However, having just the creativity is not enough for any organizational setting. An organization certainly needs to transform the creativity into actual processes. This is only possible by ensuring innovation in a company. Any company which fails to adapt to new changes and fails to ‘’innovate’’ totally fails in the business world. We all have a big example of Kodak, which despite being the market leader in 70’s, 80’s and early 90’s failed to secure their market share because they refused to innovate. What helps foster creativity and innovation in an organization? What are the hindrances? I will try to sum it up in this article.

What helps?

It is highly important for any company or individual to have the creative thinking individually or collectively, to ensure creativity at work. Possession of the creative thinking abilities makes someone adopt the thinking out of the box as a habit. The creative thinking abilities foster an environment to handle the chaos effectively and enhance the lateral thinking.

The resources such as knowledge and information on various subjects is an integral thing to certify the presence of creativity. Lateral knowledge and information helps reach the bottom of the iceberg of opportunities.

Innovation Champion-Leadership Qualities. The person leading the innovation must possess the leadership qualities in order to bring the innovation in a process. For organizations, it is really important to create a suitable environment for innovation to work.

One must analyze the situation completely in order to ensure the innovation. Moreover, the plan and ways adopted should be simple because that way, it works really well.


-Sometimes personal beliefs about sticking to an idea or process hinders the creativity.

– Fear of Criticism and rejection also play an important role to hinder creativity.

-Stress and over management also makes a mind less creative and binds it to see things in a specific way.

-Sometimes there can be an issue of available resources which can hinder the path of innovation.

-People individually and in some cases, organizations as a whole are unwilling to take risks. The risk avoidance can be a barrier to innovation too.