• Have a plan – If you find yourself in a new place the most important thing will be to plan to maximize your time in the new location. Ask people local to the location to advise you on ideas of places to go; another good way is to simply google it our consult with websites that host these types of information.
  • Network & make friends: One of the interesting things about moving to a new location is that it presents an opportunity to make new friends. You’re meeting new people, finding common interest, and hoping to build new relationships. Use every opportunity to build a relationship and network. Attend events, share your experiences as you navigate the compass of friendship
  • Reachout or Invite – After the opportunity to network and make new friends, it is important to stay nuture/buikd those relationships. Reachout or invite your new friends to do something you are both passionate about together or even going to places that you both would enjoy together…
  • Have a work life Balance – The most important tip on here; regardless of your status, personality, job etc. there is nothing as important as having a good work life balance. Once feeling overwhelmed, take a pause and let go… let go the frustrations, work, issues etc and take that very important break.
  • Just do it – Credit to Nike for this word. If you plan and not do, then you have only wasted time. Just do it.