While I was reading a report about Corruption in Europe and how bad it is?! I was thinking about my country and Africa in general. I decided to report first which started with: “Despite its relatively clean image, the European Union is losing at least 120 billion euros a year to corruption, and more than three-quarters of citizens believe that the problem is widespread in their countries, the bloc’s home affairs commissioner said on Monday”. So, how much is the African Union losing / year?! And Do the African Citizens believe or think about it.
The report calls on member states to increase accountability and transparency, particularly in public procurement, which accounts for about 20 percent of the European Union economy. The ownership of bidders for public contracts is rarely checked, the report said, and at least one country allows public contracts to be awarded to companies with anonymous shareholders. They are trying to build up a network of transparency because they believe that transparency is the best way to fight the corruption.
And when I checked the Transparency International ranks for 2013 I found that 6 European Countries are in the top 10 lease corrupted countries. And they scored between 83 – 91 points (0- highly corrupted country and 100 is a very clean country). And 4 African countries were between the worst 10 countries on corruption.
And no one is complaining about anything, Do we have a reason for this or we just tired of fighting, talk, or even give an opinion about what is going on in our countries?!
For example, Sudan is number 4 in the most corrupted countries in the world, does this happened because of the Government?! President?! Private Sector?! … etc.. I don’t blame anyone at the same time we should make a statement and make it clear. If we need to clean up our countries we should start with our self.. clean you place and then move out, it will take time but will achieve the 100 points..


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