New year, a new decade. However, this 2020 started in a very dramatic and unusual way. First, all the fires in Australia: millions of acres completely burnt by the power of the fire. Then, the whole world saw something starting in China as something that could be easily monitored.

Unfortunately, that’s not the case. It quickly has spread all over the world with tragic consequences. What can we really do to stop it?

Doctors do not have a specific answer to that; however, you can try to defeat this virus by staying home, avoiding contact, washing your hands. At this point, you will face your next enemy: boredom.

Even though staying home would probably look like a dream to most of the world, the reality is different: knowing you can’t leave your place for a walk, unless really necessary, is something the Western countries are not used to. This is why all these countries, from Italy to Spain, from France to the US, will all have to compromise with their daily routine for a bigger goal: everyone’s health and safety.

If you are stuck home with no other choice, life can radically change in just a few hours: until yesterday you were playing and running outside, while starting today you will spend 45 days home 24/7. It’s though, it’s challenging, even more than going daily to the gym.

You can react in two ways: one way, the easiest and most immature one, makes you start to complain about the quarantine, make you believe there’s a conspiracy against you and that your life will never look the same because you won’t able to have that gin and tonic at your favorite bar.

The second path, the most reasonable and noble one, is to accept the fact you will go under quarantine and to start acting as it were part of your daily routine. Take your agenda, take a look at the next week, and start to think: “What should I do to be productive and take advantage of the time this virus gave me?”.

There are no wrong or correct answers. I love playing guitar but I consider myself nothing more than a very mediocre beginner: that’s what I’m doing to go through my quarantine with a better spirit. I like staring at my room, too: I started to clean and disinfect it daily. It gives me joy, even though it’s something I hated to do on a regular basis when there was nothing going on.

You just have to accept you HAVE to do it. You HAVE to STAY HOME. You HAVE to AVOID UNNECESSARY WALKS. If you don’t care because you are stupidly thinking you will always be safe, at least do it for your parents and for the older generations: it’s a matter of respect, it’s the sense of community we should all have inside as a value. It’s a matter of being there for somebody who needs our help.

Stay positive. But stay home.