In early June, I had the chance to meet with several representatives at the US Congress and following closely US-Tunisia cooperation.

How to strengthen cooperation between Tunisia and the United States, at various levels in terms of security, economics and finance? This was the purpose of a congressional delegation visit to Tunisia led by congressman Rodney Frelinghuysen, chairman of the Budget Committee in the US Congress.

President Essebssi pointed out to his hosts that the cooperation of the two countries goes back to two hundred years. Bilateral cooperation has developed further with Tunisia’s current war against terrorism, which has enabled the country to make great strides in this direction. Republican congressman Frelinghuysen affirmed the importance of maintaining this cooperation at a good level, especially with regards to the fight against terrorism which is a global scourge. In the same way, cooperation should be strengthened at the level of cultural and academic exchanges in addition to economic and regional security cooperation.

While prime minister Chahed will be visiting Washington, DC very soon, he highlighted his government’s efforts to eradicate corruption and create a business climate conducive to investment. The American guests did not fail to reiterate their support to the Head of Government.

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