“Let everyone know that today, you are a lot stronger than you were yesterday”. Anonymous

I could not find more relevant and beautiful words to appreciate and acknowledge the uniqueness of all fellow fellows, who make me proud through their tremendous serving and continue to inspire me to become development contributor. In today’s tech smart world, if we scroll down the post of any media, there are many reasons to like, comment, share and most important to believe that we are stronger, then we were yesterday.

It wasn’t easy at all, but it worth it to go an extra mile for achieving excellence. The conscientious efforts by world’s best emerging global leaders coupled with rigorous capacity building investment brought transformation, resilience and excellence to us during this journey. Each of us sustained cultural shock and survived emotional injuries, some did physical too, but these challenges shaped a clearer vision.

Having said that we shouldn’t be satisfied, because while real and meaningful benefit of being strong is truly becoming responsible (Responsible = Response Able or someone who is able to respond). Amazing Atlas Corps Fellows Class 16 One of my friends always mentioned that we are elite of our communities but many children and youth never had such opportunities. Playing field had never been equal for many and it is our moral obligation to address these critical social issues.

  • Every day more than 40,000 girls are forcibly married while they are children and one out of three women are subject to violence, and all of them looking to us for bringing visible impact in their lives.
  • 58 Million school aged children are denied to their basic rights of quality education and 12 million of them are forced into worst form of child labor, and all of them looking to us for their growth and self-awareness.
  • If we turn up the tap, we can get access to safe drinking water, but this is not the situation for more than 750 million people around the world, women walk as much as 4 miles a day just to bring drinking water (I am talking about any drinking water, not the safe drinking water) for their families. In some ways we are responsible, because we claim and believe that WE CAN CHANGE THE WORLD.

We have to think whether communities value young women for their minds, or only for the reproductive and labor capacities of their bodies. These all complex issues require collaborative solutions. Good news is that, now we have amazing friends in every continent, if not country for exploration, to seek solution and to exchange ideas. This diversity is the way forward. And don’t forget you are awesome…….

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