Change is the way the world goes and Climate has almost become a prefix to the term Change. Climate change has become a global phenomenon. There are a number of seminars and discussions taking place in the world to find out a solution for this problem.

Climate is changing at a drastic pace. Earth’s temperature has increased from 0.6‐0.9 degree Celsius in the past century and likely to increase in between 1‐6 degree Celsius within this century. This increase in temperature creates an impact on our health, agriculture, human settlements and most importantly on our natural resources.

Now the question arises, what causes this drastic increase in temperature? Is it the increase in carbon dioxide levels? Scientists believe that CO2 is forming a blanket around earth’s surface. This blanket does not allow sun rays to leave the surface of earth which in turn leads to increase in temperature.

Or there could be another possibility that the increase in temperature a natural phenomenon. Earth’s climate is dynamic and always changing through a natural cycle. Earth’s temperature has shown great amount of variation in the past century. According to this theory earth’s temperature is a natural phenomenon.

There are countless theories behind climate change but the outcome is one. That climate is changing and one has to survive this change.

Broadly, there are two strategies to deal with climate change. First one is Mitigation. This strategy combats climate change by means of technological innovations and economic restructuring. Second strategy is that of Adaptation. It takes place through minimum utilization of resources (for instance, petroleum).

It is a globally acknowledged approach is to curb climate change and global warming by using Mitigation measures in the developing countries. As per this strategy, newer technologies are to be used to keep a check on the emissions. Nevertheless the significant fact to be understood is that, even though cleaner and more competent technological innovations are used, it would still mean more and more usage of these technologies leading to more cumulative emissions and an overall increase in climate change. Additionally, developing countries will face great complexity in paying the price of these mitigation measures for climate change.

On the other hand, Adaptation is a mode of minimum resource utilization. It does not need supplementary technologies. Usage of this strategy is practically visible among the lower economic strata of the developing nations as they have to maintain themselves with controlled amounts of energy and resources.

Thus, in comparison to mitigation, adaptation as a measure emerges more sustainable option. It is a model of the ‘Developing Nations’ which ‘Developed Nations’ need to learn. Adaptation can be brought about through simple changes in the lifestyle.

Global climate change is going to impact both natural and human systems causing extreme weather events. One such event is the increase in temperature which affects our resources like water, electricity which are decreasing day by day.

For global benefit and to fight this challenging situation, societies must realize the amount of resources they are utilizing. People should switch their lavish lifestyle practices to Sustainable ones. It could be done by learning from the marginalized sections. A new strategy of lifestyle and consumption pattern needs to be discovered for ‘Sustainable development’.

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