Smiles we are and smiles we bring!

We loved being Class 30

We started off in May 2018 and we were a small class, a hyperactive, super emotional, weirdly clumsy and one hell of a crazy class! We all wanted to be the happiest, loudest, smartest and the leader-est in the pack!

We were the ones who caught Zach’s AWESOME-chant and turned it into a statement!

We were super proud of where we all came from and made sure everyone knows. It was such an honour to know each of my classmates and it is not with a very heavy heart that our class completes its one year mark and half of us are going back. Only last week, we said goodbye to Asim Nasar, the official selfie photographer of Atlas Corps. This guy has taken more selfies in this year than anyone else on this planet I am sure. He would truly be missed.

This was probably one of the last pictures of all of us together because apart from being very social and mixing with other classes and fellows, we also had fall outs and one or two fellows in our class left this fellowship mid-way.

Now only four remain behind: Yousra, Nilima, Pheonah and Yours Truly~

Come find us and take a picture with us 🙂 we are a class you want to be friends with and to go shopping with 😉