Chimamanda ngozi adichie, a Nigerian author, a feminist, and the deliverer of the TEDx Talk “We Should All Be Feminists”, is a new hero I added in my list of bad-ass, feminist, African women making breaking the many ceilings.

Reading her Half of A Yellow Sun novel was life-changing for me, not only because of how someone who never experienced civil war could write about it so eloquently, but also because of how it tackles race and culture from an Nigerian perspective, and how the African narrative is portrayed from Africans.

And reading Americanah was a beautiful experience of someone putting beautiful sentences of my own experience in the US, both as a black/brown woman and as an African woman.

Everytime, I fall in love with Chimamanda Ngozie Adichie’s words. I love reading her work for different reasons, sometimes reading her words is an epiphany, sometimes It’s a struggle. Today, her words are a validation of where I stand in the world, passionate about decolonizing our minds as an Brown, African, and Muslim woman.