It has been a cold winter in NY. Just this weekend, Nemo hit the city, and everyone was under alert, some still recovering from the effects of Sandy.

It is during these times when feel even more blessed to have a home, a place where I feel safe. It is so easy to take some essential things in our lives for granted, like shelter, access to water, electricity, food…

In the middle of winter, the children of Syria and their families are being exposed to one of the most devastating conflicts today. They are hungry, cold, away from home, suffering, as this video shows: Protecting the Children of Syria (UNICEF USA)

Also, below are some details on the water shortage:

* “Power cuts, fuel shortages, lack of maintenance due to insecurity, and damage to infrastructure are the main reasons behind the worsening water shortages.”

* “In affected towns, children and women are exposed to environmental health risks as the treatment of sewage water has decreased by half—from 70% before the crisis to 35% now. Collection and safe disposal of domestic waste is also highly disrupted. Access to water, toilets and soap in schools and health facilities is very poor.”

* “UNICEF estimates that out of 4 million people in need, 50% are children.”


To respond to this growing need of water and sanitation, UNICEF needs your help.

Please go to: and learn how you can contribute.

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