With the advent of research and development, our generation noted unprecedented growth and advancement in every sphere of human lives, mainly in science and technology. We live in an era where most of us are going to live for at least 80 years or maybe more. We will have the resources, opportunities and technology access ever imagined by a human generation. The global connectivity, networking opportunities, data and knowledge transforming this world and impacting our lives in an unprecedented manner. However, this brings complex challenges and issues which needs solution that raised leadership demand at every level.  

True leadership is not esoteric, illusion or fallacy as being perceived by many. It is a virtue and act that must be practice by all of us in our own unique capacities, as it says, “leadership is not a position or title, it is action and example” (anonymous).  Global connectedness warrants us to practice this virtue in every meniscal deed we do in our personal and professional lives. Everyone, in their capacity, should declare themselves leaders to inspire their communities.

It needs a lot of passion, energy, spirit and dedication to come out of your comfort zone and play a meaningful part in the society. But, in order to address contemporary challenges, we must assume leadership roles towards making this world a better place for generations yet to come.  It is believed that leadership is only associated with broad vision, person holding a position of authority with influence over masses, public office etc. Yes, this is one of the kinds of leadership, but now everyone should alleviate them into a leadership position in whatever capacity they serve.  

Another important trait of leadership is character, “character determines your destination”. Mental and moral qualities when shaped coherently with a positive set of beliefs could lead towards gigantic achievements and positively impacts the societies. This help shape cumulative societal behaviors which results in optimism and positive outcomes.

As individual leaders, we should become more diverse, tolerant, open and flexible to other and always focus on building synergies.  We should understand each other’s perspective and cultural orientation. Moreover, leadership values we need to develop are positive human to human interactions, healthy relationships and fearlessness. These values will nurture a great human generation who take care of each other and will transform this world into a better and peaceful globe, which is a responsibility on all of us.

“Every day do something that will inch you closer to a better tomorrow”