atlas-corps-logoIf you see Atlas Corps Logo, you can realize right away that it is an American map, however, what makes the logo special is that it is upside-down which make sense when you see Atlas Corps slogan: “Change your perspective, change the world“.

It has been five months since I started my fellowship and it is something that has caught my attention. I am from Colombia, a country that has been called a “third world-country”, an “underdeveloped country” or a “developing country”. When I was a child I use to watch on TV how the United States helped out other countries, especially in Latin America and Africa. I grew up believing that we were in the middle of a hierarchy and in that scale of things we were below on the “totem pole” and we only have to wait for the developed countries to help us out.

I am glad, I only believed that when I was a little child and my views changed after going to the school and especially after going to a University. I realized that even though we are not all the same, we all have something to give and something to receive.  Also, there is a saying “Nobody owns everything, nobody needs everything, nobody knows everything, and everybody knows something.” I strongly believe since the old perspective has changed, we now know not only developed countries have something to contribute but “developing countries” have many talented people and many valuable skills and resources to contribute to developed countries like the United States.

Therefore, when many professionals from many different nationalities come to the United States to promote solutions, cooperation and innovation,  as a fellows we are not only having a great professional and personal opportunity, the program also reinforces and brings to reality the idea of equality, a topic that many people talk about but only few  practice. I want to address equality as the most important outcome of this experience and show all the people (people like myself when I was a little girl who may think that our countries only can be dependent on developed country), it really shows that we are world citizens and our political responsibility should be making the world a better place to stay. It is something that should matter and convoke people from north, south, east and west.

In conclusion, I am so glad to be part of this change of perspective.

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