Quite the opposite to sit idly by watching as the hours go by and yearning for the weekend. Here are some tips you can take to combat a bad work environment:

  1. Set a goal: It can be personal or group, that at least of satisfaction by the mere recognition of the pairs. If it is individual, we will know that we have improved in some areas and that we can be better, although we do not always have a prize for it.
  2. Improve without seeing others: We must know that the only person you can control is yourself. Quitting thinking about what others do or do is a good idea. The boss may be an inept total for some tasks, but there is no choice but to bear it. If we do not get the right guidelines, we can ask them, get the best of ourselves. If we have to deal with a bad person, we can be worse or better. This does not mean transforming us into the villain of the movie or being a fool as good, but knowing who to share data with, who to trust information with, who we can work with and who we can not.
  3. Take time to care and relax yourself: If work generates a lot of stress, it is good to do physical activity after the office, such as yoga, sports (swimming, cycling, etc.), doing fun activities, spending time with friends outside of work, listening to music, reading, studying Or take advantage of the free time to be with the family, in order to counteract the bad energies we must endure at work.

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