All of us face different challenges in our personal and professional life in each stage. Overcoming the challenges helps us to move forward and making progress. Identifying the root cause of challenge is the first necessary step to address any challenge.

During a panel discussion in Global Leadership lab Day 1, Nada Zohdy from Open Gov Hub talked about classifying the challenge in three types:

  1. Challenge of Heart– Emotional connections, perceptions and past experiences could be a cause behind a problem or holding us back to solve that problem. Being human, we face emotional challenges even at workplace based on relationship with team and some emotive attachment to certain issues.
  2. Challenges of head– We all have different personalities and raised differently shaping our response to certain situation differently and defining our individual personalities. We have some individual characteristics and some qualities which came out when we are in group. Accepting the differences and capacity to solve the conflict is different for each person. The problem we are confronting in life could be because of head based on our personality and skills.
  3. Challenge of Hands-Operational constraints to address any problem and challenges are challenges of hands to push us back in the journey of finding solution.

How this classification can help?

This classification of challenges and problems prompt us to identify the appropriate solution quickly along with strategizing the constraints to implement the solution.

Thanks Nada Zohdy for sharing this wisdom.