October is always an intense month for me. I personally only celebrate my birthday and New Years; to me they are new beginnings and I love pressing the reset button on anything – even my life.

It’s already the 31st, and I deliberately waited until today to write this blog. It’s been a crazy month, with so many wonderful and stressful events, but this blog won’t be about social media activism or grassroots mobilization, nor about the joy of exploring new cities and long relaxing walks – I’d like to share a few thoughts on life and adventure.

I celebrated my 26th birthday last weekend-in Las Vegas.

With all its glamour (nothing new when you’ve lived in some parts of the Middle East), it’s strobe-light crazed loud clubs (Berlin still wins the best party city award for me) what REALLY stood out for me were the human bonds created and nurtured in that adrenaline packed weekend.

I met a friend I’ve known since 4th grade and we’ve always been close and kept in touch even though we moved apart since 9th grade. She is married now and her and her husband have really been the most hospitable, most fun, most intriguing bunch I’ve met in a while. From laughing so hard I fell off the couch, to cussing at my friends slow driving and her husband giving me relationship advice….I was conscious of every little moment of fun and bonding I was experiencing. Throughout it all I was thankful for the many wonderful people in my life.

Another beautiful person made my weekend 1000x more exciting, more adventurous and more meaningful, you probably know her – Virginia Campo. I’ve met her a little over 4 weeks ago and we’ve hit it off immediately. This trip she was my rock through some tricky traveling situations and she was also the light that guided me into places in my mind and soul that I haven’t been to in years.

A stranger once told me I was a very lucky person, and automatically I thought he meant I was lucky I have amazing people around me. I’m aware of all the privileges I have received and continue to enjoy in life, but truly, nothing compares to the human gems I’ve surrounded myself with.


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