In the game of Chess, the ultimate goal is to checkmate the king of the opponent – which essentially means that the king is conquered. In this vein, the goal of Atlas Corps Fellows can be likened to checkmating “Ending the Program in Good Standing” in 12 or 18 months as the case may be.

Atlas Corps and the host organizations can be likened to the Chess Board. The Fellows represent the white pieces – while the tasks (e.g. attending training programs, satisfying the needs of the host organization, etc.) that Fellows need to accomplish are the black pieces. In Chess, the white pieces are on the offensive.

For class 9 Fellows who are just starting the game, one very pertinent life lesson from Chess is to “see well ahead into the future”: Chess masters are reputed as being able to see most of their possible moves (i.e. from the beginning to the end of a Chess game) before a game commences – including how to counter any moves by the opponent. In other words, foresight and dynamism remains invaluable for a Fellow’s success in the program.

I am going to need the readers of this blog to tackle this challenge: In a Chess game, a “stalemate” is a situation in which the king cannot be checkmated by either of the opponents – and essentially, it is interpreted as a draw. Does anyone have the answer regarding what a stalemate in the Atlas Corps Fellowship program could mean for a Fellow?

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