There is a new generation of leaders. Young African Leaders who are revolutionizing Africa during the day.  T.E Lawrence (16 August 1888 – 19 May 1935) once said “All men dream: but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake in the day to find that it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dreams with open eyes, to make it possible”

I don’t have to remind you about the whole thesis about the Concepts of time in African Culture by one of our own, our grandfather, who categorically concluded that we don’t have concept of time. He immortalized “No hurry in Africa” my dear country men and women do you still belief in this dictum?  He maintained that we have a concept of long past, but our mind cannot sustain the concept of extendedness of time in the future. Basically, he asserted that, our African languages have all sorts of names to depict the history but no name to describe a month from now, think about that!

My mentor, who is not from the great continent of Africa, has been reminding me that “There goes Africa, and the rest of the world is gone”. What a metaphysical statement, an aphorism that many of our so called sons and daughters of Africa rarely grasp. I am worried that if we continue with this subjective analysis and critique of young African leaders, then I have to negate the Nigerian Ibo maxim that” if a child washes his hands, he could dines with the Kings”.

I miss the period when our forefathers went abroad and came back to develop their motherland, they were full of vigor and visions. They controlled the system with their metanoic perspective; they laid down strong foundation for pan-Africanism, economy and quest for education. They knew what they were doing. These were the great sons and daughters of Africa. They moved the world, their propensities were respected in all corners of the world, they spoke and their words were gems of wisdom and wisdom and wisdom.

Thirty five years down the line, a new generation was brought into reality, full of energized genetic makeup; they had the concepts of the future, visions, and great thoughts of Africa. This generation was homegrown, sprouting from the rich foundation that the forefather had prepared. They utilized any chance as the source of growth and illumination. This generation went beyond their tribal confines and embraced the universal fraternity. They conceived ideas that were strange to their seniors. They went beyond the 10-30 years visions and crafted their 2100 vision.  This is the generation that think of Africa as an United State of Africa, with its own Central Bank and quoting the Hidden Colors 2, The Triumph of Melanin, “Africa could have becoming wealthy, banking its currency on the underground natural resources…no currency in the world is banked on the underground natural resources… name it the US dollar, Canadian dollar, EU euro…the Central Bank of Africa could have destabilized the economic world order…” it was the Revolution!!  The brain behind it had to go, he was assassinated, and there he went another Great African Leader (GAL). Think about it!!!

The young African leaders have attracted enemies not from their peers in developed world but from their own grandfather and fathers. Their seniors cannot comprehend the technological concepts, the power of social media and all technological gizmos. The senior are still holding onto their anachronistic corrective mentality, ‘we know more than you, please just shut up and respect your elders’. Days are gone when the blind humility was the direct ticket to assuming leadership, the new generation has a reasoned humility, a two way approach kind of humility. Therefore, if you are still in the league of those who adore their armchair philosophical and anthropological view towards reality, please know that the Young African leaders are beyond all these philosophical trends.   They have carved their own complementary approach towards life, an approach that prise the essential specific tenets from every philosophical trend that existed. They no longer embrace fully the once dear philosophical trends for pre- independence African countries, but they blend all these into a harmonizing package towards life, a gallant move of emancipation from yoke of socio-economic, political and spiritual world power.  Think about that!!!

The voice from Diaspora needs to be loud enough to detract the enemies of young leaders but not loud enough to destabilize young leaders. Diaspora voice needs to be constructive and not destructive. Diaspora voice needs to realize that their dreams are being nurtured by Young African leaders in their respective motherlands. These young leaders are shaking the systems; they are a bubble ready to burst anytime.  The Great Young African leaders are ready to take over their motherland, you may not know how they are going to do that, but the nature is conspiring in their favor.  Think about that!!!

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