Ever heard of ‘’Your brain gives up WAY before your body does’’, I’m sure you must have heard that statement once at least as you work out, often by an insanely enthusiastic gym coach who desperately wants you to stick to your new year’s resolutions this year, and in a semi-pathetic attempt to defend yourself, you shout out; ‘’I’m building my stamina’’. At the very beginning of this pandemic, organizations rushed us into adapting, setting new goals, pivoting too fast and urged us into being positive and nimble about this situation, human beings are naturally resistant to change even if it’s positive, this pandemic feels like we have been pushed into a dance stage in front of a huge crowd and there is nothing much we can do now but dance to the music and try to impress, thousands of organizations are bragging about their adaptability, resilience and new flashy policies, I am not sure how employees around the world feel, but I can’t help but notice Covid-19 is not a word that gets autocorrected when misspelled yet! It helped me a lot to think of this situation as a personal challenge, X, Y, and Z can do 100 push-ups but I know for fact I hug the floor at 10, working remotely has to happen at your pace, one thing at a time, starting by setting up your desk ending at meeting your deadlines, it is normal not to be obsessively positive or happy, but it is equally important to know that your engagement matter, it value adds and it is part of a bigger thing!

Thumbnail Photo by Prateek Katyal from Pexels