A child is born completely free; God grants them freedom from all oppression and suppression that are practiced by the surrounding society in the name of “right, wrong, legal, illegal…etc.” This is why you can see clearly how diverse children are, because they don’t feel forced to fit into a certain mold as when they grow up.

This changes when this child grow where s/he finds themselves trapped to fit into certain stereotypes that determine how they think, behave and look. They find that they have to act or to try to change themselves, thinking that they are developing themselves, only to discover later that they were distorting their unique character and features that God granted them.

It’s strange that humans invented certain norms and behaviors to help people living in the same community to lead a better and easier life, only to find that those norms turned into a prison for people that do anything to satisfy those norms. Those norms that later start to take a more fierce and untouched forms, as if being dictated by God.

The whole community then turns into molds, with actors and actresses trying to fit in fear of rejection from their community. And you find that the same person who hates being mocked is mocking others because they are just different, or don’t fit. It turns into a sick society that have so drifted away from the beauty of diversity that God created in humanity, and too bad it’s usually done under his name.

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