When I decided to come to the USA to be an Atlas Corps fellow I did not imagined I would almost become an “ambassador” of the Brazilian culture.

Basically everyday a friend, a coworker or even a stranger at the street ask me about my country, my traditions and behaviors; and most of the times I started talking and caught myself describing Brazil and Brazilians with passionate words and gestures.

I decided then I wanted to write a post about Brazil. I know this is usually the theme of all my blog posts but I was thinking hard to figure out the best way to not only describe my country but share my feelings and perspectives…

Suddenly, I was surfing at a friend’s blog and I was introduced to Deep Brazil, an online magazine that offers an X-ray of Brazil, a country immensely attractive to tourists, immigrants and investors, and culturally fascinating. The author, Regina Scharf is a journalist with over 25 years of experience in the Brazilian press, who traveled extensively around our home country.

In one of its posts Renata took her readers to tour of 150 years of Brazilian history through photography and other iconography.

Looking at those pictures I could really reconnect my country and people! I hope you all enjoy it!




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