Branding in the non profit sector.

One of the most important forces, I’d say the main tool, which can have a Fundraiser or even the responsible for government relations of the organization is the ability to show the impact of the organization’s work.

Here there will be a great debate on criteria, some will say that there are some organizations working more on marketing than they actually do on projects or programs.
and could be true but the reality is in any plan for growth and sustainability can not miss a branding strategy for the organization.

Often, organizations are engaged in generating attractive proposals for others (corporate partners and seek funds through non-profit marketing strategies in which they argue benefits for donors, but this is done even before generating an own branding for the itself organization).

The trends are changing and and one of the strategies I am learning during my fellowship is the benefits of the “previous branding” it means how to build a ideal profile before calling that potential donor we want..
This principle called “previous branding” has been successful for many organizations both large and small, it’s about how influence outside and after demonstrate that we are after the best organization to fulfill that mission.

Every organization needs to have good public image.Even the smallest organization and little inclined to communicate with the outside needs to reflect a good image if you want to attract and retain the support of
funders and volunteers.

While some are directed to small audiences and others to the very large audiences, all must call the attention but the mere act of reporting and create a website is not guaranteed to receive attention

The first challenge is to be heard. Then you have to get the understanding from people And finally, build confidence on what you says.
To start the experts recommend two points:

1. A brand is not the logo.
Here I would say to form a brand identity is not enough to design a logo, letterhead printing and business cards.
It means make that relevant and put it where donors can hear, beyond the most creative logo.
2. Make sure you are communicating a hopeful vision of the future trough your brand.
And here I would say to start before calling the designer is important to identify and if necessary investigate the preferences of our audiences and the most important point talk more about the change that you’re make than the problem that you are facing. Everybody likes to hear a hopeful vision about the future.
Even if the reality that we are facing is so hard you must show always you’re part of the solution.

To build branding inspired on this hopeful vision about the future according to the experts  it’s more common here in the new yorker organizations. than in other countries or U.S. states, I will be sharing with you in the next entries my taughts and recommendations while I’m discovering that.

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