The city of Boston prides itself on being the biz and tech hub attracting and nurturing outstanding talent from across the globe. It is also a magnet for startups, young entrepreneurs and founders, investors and innovators. It has consistently been voted as one of the top cities in America for startups. According to Tech Crunch, the venture investment in the Boston metro area hit $5.2 billion in 2018. Over the past many years, the city has seen gradual developments and has changed for the better. Now, it’s easier than ever for early-stage companies to raise capital and recruit top talent from the brain territory of the best universities in the world. Boston not only has a very active angel network but a thriving VC industry that is in the process of reinventing itself to focus more on supporting and investing in earlier stage innovations in technology. This creates many perfect opportunities for young entrepreneurs to gain quick access to funds at all stages of business development. Even Mark Zuckerberg said: “If I were to start it again, I would have stayed in Boston”.

Boston is home to over 35 institutes of higher learning and has a multitude of entrepreneurial programs, from accelerators and specialized incubators to business boot camps and dynamic coworking spaces. Every year, increasing numbers of young and smart minds from all over the world come to this magnificent city to study, work, and to turn their dreams into reality.

Upon visiting Boston, you will realize that it is a pleasant and welcoming city. It not only offers a deeply intellectual atmosphere but will also treat you with many exciting activities such as walking tour of the Freedom Trail, art museums, public gardens and opportunity to see and cheer local sports heroes at Fenway Park and TD Garden. However, If you want to interact with industry experts and grab some insight into the vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem, come to the LearnLaunch. Located just across the Boston harbour at 281 Summer Street, LearnLaunch Family consist of LearnLaunch Accelerator which is one of the oldest and leading edtech specific accelerators in the country. Additionally, it includes the LearnLaunch Institute (501c3 nonprofit) and LearnLaunch Campus which is vibrant co-working space, as well as the growing community of friends and partners around the world. LearnLaunch Accelerator is focused on selecting and providing all the necessary tools to the most promising and innovative educational technology startups in order to help them grow into successful and thriving companies. LearnLaunch Accelerator provides two programs. Boost, for early-stage edtech startups and Breakthrough, for later-stage edtech startups. Now, from January 31st, cohort companies that have spent 4 months in the LearnLaunch Accelerator Boost Program will be showcased at the Demo Day at Across the Boundaries Conference at Hynes Convention Center in Boston. If you want to meet some of the most promising edtech startups, come to Across the Boundaries Conference at Hynes Convention Center in Boston.

In the fall of 2018, LearnLaunch Accelerator welcomed its 6th Cohort of 9 hottest early startup companies to participate in a three month long Boost program. This is a residential program with specific focus on helping early stage edtech entrepreneurs successfully grow their startups. Now, in the Spring of 2019, we are accepting applications for our Breakthrough program which is focused on helping pre-Series A edtech companies to make breakthrough and achieve their next milestones. Our portfolio companies have unique access to lifelong advisory services, an unparalleled founder community, and follow on investment expertise and connections. If you are an entrepreneur of an edtech company with proven product-market fit & recurring revenue, this program is for YOU!