Social impact leaders from all over the globe standing with #Sudan

Do you know what has been going on in Sudan πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡©? It is the Sudan uprising. A peaceful call for freedom, which started in December 2018 has today gone into history as a national genocide.

After 5 months of peaceful protests all over Sudan, citizens experienced brutal violence from the previous regime. On April 6, 2019, protesters were able to reach the military HQ in the capital Khartoum and established a huge sit-in, which eventually led to the unseating of the 30-year dictator President Omer Al-Bashir by a Transitional Military Council (TMC) who claimed of supporting the revolution and the people.

The sit-in continued for almost two months as protesters demanded the transition of power to civilian-led government represented in the Freedom and Change alliance.

Despite the multiple reassurances by the TMC about the security of lives of the protesters at the sit-in, security forces of 5 to 10 thousands soldiers cracked down the sit-in and cleared it on June 3, 2019. The forces responsible for this were the Janjaweed also known as RSF, with the support of the military council. They killed at over 150 peaceful protesters in the capital and across the country in a sweeping crackdown, according to protest organizers.
So far it has been revealed that over 700 people have been injured, and men and women raped on the same day and still counting. Hundreds are missing and some of them were thrown into the Nile river tied to stones.

On the same day, the internet was completely shut down all around the country. It is still down for almost two weeks with TMC claiming that the Internet is a national security threat.

Now you know what is happening in Sudan, let the world know!

Thank you, my friends, for supporting #Sudan. Please keep us in your minds and prayers always. As you keep spreading the word. We will not keep silent until something is done.