Take advantage of the opportunities you have in your life and be grateful for the present situation. Oftentimes, if you’re unhappy with where you’re at the moment, its perhaps because you’ve not harnessed the untapped potential of your current ‘environment’. It’s easy to forget the good things about life when you’re faced with difficulties every day. .

Try to make a conscious effort to focus on what you do have. For example, maybe you don’t love your job, but do you have coworkers you like,right? Are you learning skills you can use later on? Are there other things about your life, such as relationships, that make you happy? Poetry? Music? Focus your energy here.

There is a lesson to be learnt in your current hustle. Be smart enough to see, accept and own it.

It’s not always easy to see the lesson if circumstances are bleak, but a lesson often becomes more clear later on. If you can’t find a lesson right now, try to remind yourself you will learn something from your experiences some day. Do not think of the present moment as a waste. The journey is the destination.

Change is sure to come. Yes, Be Ready!

The only sure thing is change. No matter your circumstance, there would always is an expiry date for everything in life including your current state. Even where you’re planted, situations and circumstances will change with time. If you want to learn to bloom despite any circumstances, it’s important you learn to calmly embrace your reality, then welcome change when it arrives. Its called adaptability!