I have a strong bike in the city. It is a used mountain bike. It is a perfect one on its own unique design though its weight is quite heavy if I have to carry it for a reason. I bought it for the purpose of helping me to get exploring different places on my own energy and capability to reach. There are many benefits come along from having this bike with me as well. Now I am going to tell more about it.

The first thing I found is that it helps me to get exposure places, experiment ways to get around starting with the help of Google map that suggests direction options. Trust Google map, however, it doesn’t plan for you what involved along the way to get to your destination. As I have way to go expand geographic and demographic of the area, it’s only have to get myself out there, learn it, get to know it better and so understanding approaches it take how to go about it.

I wanted to share a positive experience here as an example related to benefits of biking and using Google map as mentioned above. Well, recently I learned my way around about a cool place called UC Berkeley Botanical Garden from two close American friends of mine that we happen to be housemates as well. I got excited about it when they told me the name of the place. I did some more research on Google about it and how to get there either by car, public transits, foot and bike are possible options. But I didn’t realize the route I took include steep uphill for about 2 miles to bike and walk my mountain bike all the way up there until I did it – worth it actually. The Garden located in the green ranges of Berkeley hills where collection of worldwide plants have been living exhibit here for the purpose of teaching research, conservation and learning center in plant biology for public wide. Taking off from the Garden on the way downhill, I felt like I flew back home with my bike. Next time I know it doesn’t hurt if I want to feel a little bit more relaxed going uphill and downhill, I have option such as to catch a bus to go learn more about the Garden.

Alright, let’s move to other benefits I gain from biking. It is healthy, environmentally and economically sound. Fortunately enough with current location, it takes me about 10 minutes each way to regularly bike from my place to work. Biking to work every day and biking to everywhere I can I consider it as my daily life exercise. Given that I don’t drive a car here and so contributing more to public transportation when I need it. Whilst I bike more often so I can say I contribute less carbon footprint to the Earth atmosphere in this way in terms of climate change perspective. Economically, I am also saving my pocket out of transportation cost for another priority living cost such as more healthy food to eat than junk food to waste. With this approach of saving, it is connecting back all the way to my health and for the good sake of the environment. That’s how I feel receiving a reward from biking and of course this is not to undermine any other approaches that have benefits for the good learning, living and environment ultimately.

Biking is just one way to make a different.

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