We want to remember that there are 25.4 million refugees around the world today. These are people who have fled their homes or home countries seeking a safe place and a better future for their families. We also want to remember those who fight to protect refugees and help them through the tough path they were forced to take to rebuild their lives.

LeaderStories and myself were proud of having featured these amazing individuals on our platform and we want to thank them for their positive impact on the lives of refugees.

Victoria W. Otero: Victoria W. Otero is a human rights activist in Hong Kong, is working to ensure space for the voices that are too often silenced. Here, she shares her thoughts on what it means to be a refugee and what inspires her to work with refugees in Hong Kong: “I am always struck by how minority groups are talked about in the public eye and the media when there are few conversations with them”

David Fakunle: David is a mental Health Doctoral Student in John Hopkins School of Public Health, He is a young African father married to a Latino woman and is inspired by their son every day. He believes in the power and passion that a lot of African Americans have. He also believes in giving equal rights and opportunities for these people to contribute great things to a diverse world. Learn more about what inspires this young father every day in this video.

Thank you David and Victoria for trying to make our world an inclusive, loving and welcoming place on times we all need to bond together and build bridges. When people around the world flee violence, injustice or abuse, we all need to step in and do more. When others take the initiative to act and find a solution, we should all stand behind them and support their work.


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