How they say, “big city gives big opportunities”? 

Washington, DC, – although it is not that big of a city in comparison to New York, Moscow or Tokyo, it still gives you thousand and one different opportunities to deal with your free from work time. Any hobby you have, or want to try – just Google it (I am pretty sure you will find at least one Facebook group)! This is especially important for a person, who like me, moved to Washington, DC from not just another city, but from another continent. 

Those opportunities include not only regular coffeeshops and restaurants with mind blowing variety of cuisine from all over the world options, parks and concert halls, bike rentals and street festivals, but it also have many different organizations that makes business on people like me, freshmen to this great capital: they create space where men and women with the same interests can meet and become if not friends, but at least mates. 

And what a surprise? – For me, a girl working in nonprofit that deals with your development through soccer, the favorite ones are those that do soccer leagues throughout the year to bring random people with passion to this amazing sport from across the DMV area together. 

For the past year I was lucky enough to become part of two different leagues: DC Fray and Volo (well…true say in only one I played). But there are so many more out there. 

How does it works? Very simple, actually! Basically you just need to choose league you like (based on the schedule, location, etc.). Then get a group of friends, or a friend, or if you completely new to the city – this option also works great – just sign up as a free agent, which means that your league manager will assign you to already existing team that has a lack of players. Last step is to pay $ 80 for the registration. And voila! Now go, play, meet new people and have fun!