The Atlas Corps Fellowship provides opportunities for global social change leaders to sharpen their professional skills, expand their network, and gain hands-on experience in U.S. organizations. 

Host Organization Placement

Atlas Corps connects Fellows to leading nonprofit, private sector, and government organizations for a full-time 12-18 month placement designed to strengthen organizations, foster innovation, and develop leaders. Our Host Organizations play a critical role in creating opportunities for Fellows to learn U.S. best practices in their professional fields and exposing Fellows to American cultural experiences, while the Fellow contributes to the Host Organization’s mission. Our Host Organizations range from local grassroots organizations to large international organizations. Learn about our current and past Hosts here.

Global Leadership Lab

Atlas Corps Fellows are enrolled in our Global Leadership Lab, a 200-hour leadership and management training program that includes in-person and virtual activities complemented by attendance at some of the top conferences in the social sector. Fellows participate in workshops led by innovative social change leaders who share practical strategies for social impact, as well as their own professional journeys. Key components of GLL include:

— Orientation: briefing sessions on social and organizational culture in the United States, as well as a time for Fellows to connect and share their unique backgrounds.

— Immersions: leadership trainings that enable Fellows to share their diverse expertise and experiences while broadening their understanding of best practices in the U.S. social change sector.

— Transition Retreat: day of debriefing in preparation for return to home countries.

Visa, Flight, and Pre-Arrival Support

Our staff guide Fellows through the pre-arrival logistics to prepare for their arrival and integration in the U.S. Atlas Corps provides documentation and support for the Fellow to obtain a J-1 Trainee visa. Atlas Corps also provides program-related international and domestic travel.

Program Support

The Atlas Corps staff provide professional, logistical, and social support throughout the Fellowship. Staff support Fellows at training workshops and through regular check-ins.

Stipend and Insurance

Each Fellow receives a monthly living stipend that covers the basic expenses of shared housing, groceries, and local transportation for one person. Atlas Corps also provides a phone plan and a basic travel health insurance plan that covers new injuries and illnesses.

Global Network

The mission of Atlas Corps is to create a global partnership for development – a rich, active alumni network will be one of the primary tools to achieve that goal. Atlas Corps Fellows join a global network of more than 775 social changemakers from more than 96 countries. Atlas Corps regularly shares information with our network on events and professional development opportunities around the globe.