What is mentorship and why is it important to do mentoring? Mentorship provides guidance in any part of life, be it personal or professional. In the century of overwhelming amount of information we need somebody to help is filter the noise and find the right path.

Mentors are usually people who volunteer their time to share the most valuable thing they have – experience. Why learn from your mistakes if you can learn from mistakes of others, right?

We sent a small questionnaire to experienced educators, asking them about their thoughts on benefits of being a mentor and a mentee.
Here is what they said:

Benefits of being a mentor

“For me, the benefits of mentoring are many. There is something powerful about influencing other people’s lives and forging these types of relationships. But I also believe that the mentor is naturally the mentee, that is if they have been developed to see every interaction as a learning and growth opportunity”. 

“Helping someone else grow helps to solidify what I know and helps me develop too.  I learn something from every mentoring opportunity”.

Benefits of being a mentee

“Support is so important for the mentee. He/she should feel supported and believe that what they are learning from the mentor is valuable and a value added to their teaching profession”.

“While there are similar benefits for the mentee as the mentor … additionally I think the mentee can have benefit by having someone to rely on whom they trust and value. Access to those with connections, ideas, and vast experiences help one to grow and see the world in different ways…”

Do you have any experience mentoring other people or being mentored? Comment below, let’s start conversation!