It is time to celebrate achievements of amazing Atlas Corps Alumni who are making inspiring impacts against COVID-19. Today we want to talk with our Alumna Rehema (Class 14, Uganda, Host: Women Deliver) about her efforts to support unemployment young adults during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Rehema founded Re!gnite Africa, a young adults’ focused organization tackling unemployment in Uganda. We have already told with Rehema about her NGO and her Fellowship highlights. You can read this article here.

During the COVID-19 lockdown, Rehema and Re!gnite Africa continue to support young adults new to the world of work/in search of employment in Uganda and worldwide. Thank you so much for everything that you do! We wish you the best with this inspiring work!

Name: Rehema Namukose


Home Country: Uganda

Current Organization: Re!gnite Africa

Role at current organization: Founder & Team Leader

Social Issue have you worked with: Quality education, Decent work, and economic growth

Please share with us what you and your organization are doing to support people amidst COVID-19?

The strategy of our work has not changed. However, we are responding to the pandemic in a way that is beneficial to our audiences – young adults new to the world of work/in search of employment. Since we focus on unemployment as a social issue, we introduced a four-part series of online reflections/learnings in the form of conversations with experts on a wide range of topical issues related to labor/employment – about how the pandemic is affecting us and our ways of working. These keep our audiences engaged but also equip them with relevant information they can work with this season.

Re!gnite Africa (RA) will – starting June – implement a COVID-19 response project that seeks to monitor, analyze and document stories and experiences of youth artists and activists dealing with the impact of COVID-19 government guidelines and measures to their livelihood and wellbeing. The platform will feature artwork from youth activists and artists aged 18 -30 in the form of poems, drawings, articles and/stories, and songs on its online media platforms. 

Initially, we were reaching out to audiences on our listserv. However, we are discovering that the general public is interested. Therefore, we are mostly relying on our Facebook events page to amplify our reach and the page advertises upcoming conversations.

Photo Credit: Re!gnite Africa

Do you have anything you would like to say to everybody about how we can all do our part in this pandemic?

I would encourage us all to do our part to stay safe and healthy because that is what is most important right now. We need to keep alive. I know many of us are struggling and media reports so far indicate that many are suffering from mental illnesses resulting from the impact of the lockdown. Let us try to take care of our bodies and mind, reach out to one another, and seek help when needed. It is okay to not feel okay. Additionally, with the skyrocketing cases of gender-based violence, many women are suffering.

Check-in with women in your life, and show compassion and generosity to the vulnerable if you are able. Let us also share resources with people about where to seek psychosocial support…if you can, offer to financially support single mothers too.

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