Life is a series of scenarios, episodes, chapters, and pages which are interconnected and therefore, interdependent.  Each day bring forth a quite new perspective in life yet we just let it end without grasping the underlying reason of its existence. We take for granted feelings, emotions outburst, exhilarating sense of well-being, pang of jealousies, bout of loneliness, and cloud of superiority sense.  Yet these are the gates to wisdom and self-knowledge. All these are founded in our being; they reflect our inner self, our daily struggles, fears and aspirations. Feelings or emotions connect the unseen with the seen, the reality with ideal, and the real me and the fake me.  The emotions trespasses the comfort zone and lay bare the unexplored landscape of the self.

In life we do not get what we hope to get or we were promised to get and this is caused by the one who promised us not getting what was promised to him or her.  This cyclic process perpetuates the series of  frustrations in life.  The sense of getting all and leaving none to your neighbor is based on the irrational sense of superiority and gluttony. It is an insatiable sense of following your self interest in disguise of self-actualization.

Life creates chances to teach or correct our biased worldviews towards our neighbor. It is that chance that takes you to a different country, culture, organization or family not only to learn but to teach. However, we tend to believe that as a new person your role is only to learn, to be submissive and follow the structures. This is the end of individuality and beginning of puppetry.

How often do we connect daily happenings? How often do we question our worldviews? How often do we question our relationships? How often do we question our behaviors? I don’t need your answer now, but think how often you have seen your fellow fellow and felt that you are better than him or her, or you are better privileged than him or her. Think how often you use your position at work, organization or country of origin as the lens of your interpretation towards life.

Are you ready to accept critique and change? Being comfortable with uncomfortable. Everything changes in life; it is only change that cannot change.

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