Khan Koubrat had five children. One unfortunate day, realizing that he was very close to his death and stressed over the eventual fate of his kingdom, he called his children. “Have a go at breaking these sticks,” he told his most established one, giving him a heap of sticks. The child applied every bit of strength in him and fizzled. Consistently the children endeavored to break the sticks and proved unable to. At last, Koubrat unbundled the sticks and broke every one of the, them by one. “All things considered, anybody could do it that way!” his children shouted in one voice.

Does that legend sound recognizable? Maybe you remember it as a tale by Aesop, or you have heard it in your local legends. “Quality in solidarity” or ‘the power of unity’ is an all-inclusive idea.

Team up. Join with others. Trust that the group could be more noteworthy than individual parts. That is the means by which you make social change.

I know you. You are driven by your compassion and enthusiasm. You can’t stand foul play. You need to make a move NOW. Social change totally should happen without a moment’s hesitation. In any case, as a changemaker, you need to approach change as a procedure. What’s more, be persistent. Be a leader, one who patiently thinks and considers before making a move, unlike a hero who at times makes a foolish move and if unlucky, bear consequences.

Yes, my friends, I insist, proving yourself to be a hero can be foolish! Instead, aim to be a leader.

There are excessively numerous individuals out there who would want to own (or as of now run) a philanthropic or social venture. While that is excellent, the world doesn’t require one more small organization, or yet another keen, self-driven individual to keep running off into the wild and pursue windmills for the following thirty years.

The world needs more grounded systems and networks of changemakers who cooperate on the broadest, hardest difficulties.

The world needs you to be a leader, not a show-off, jack of all master of none wanna-be!

I do know that some fellows believe in the individualist approach, saying that it is always better to work alone, then in a team and trust me friends, sooner or later you do need a team. You cannot expect to run a business and do it all yourself. So, be realistic and make a team. Your fellows are people like you, put some faith and energy into your fellow fellows and try. I am sure you will become a much better leader than you thought yourself to be.

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