Foto blog Usually when you are thinking about being a fellow you usually think about your performance as a professional, increasing your professional experience and skills, and getting more challenges in your career. However, I want to share with you my experience as a fellow beyond service, which is another important face of the fellowship. You are lucky not just for all the professional gains, you are lucky also for all the multicultural experiences and knowledge that you get by sharing with people from many countries.

This way is the cheapest way of traveling, since by hearing the customs and values from other people countries and their stories your mind starts to travel. For instance, I have traveled to the villages in South Sudan, I have gone to the Hindi ceremonies by hearing their music, I have been in the Taj Majal just by the description of my friend from India and I have seen my self skydiving in Nepal’s Mountains without taking a airplane. Also, by the way, now I have a place to stay when I decide to be there in real life, not just being helped by my mind, I will share with locals, so I will have host in all those places.Besides, they know more about Colombia, my home country, which can give me opportunity to change the idea that many people have about it- the idea that soup operas, movies and news have built about it- just drugs, prostitutes, dangerous and crime. Now I have the opportunity to promote another face of Colombia- the kindness and happiness of their people, its wonderful landscapes.

Also I am really lucky, I am living in Washington DC, which is a city where you have always many things do, where you find people from all over the world and where everything you do increases your knowledge about history, multiculturalism, languages, foods, architecture, etc. There is always a park to go, a concert, a museum to visit, a beautiful landscape to delight the eye. Is it not great?.

In conclusion, if you want to improve your experience as a professional, explore new fields in your career and face challenges you can stay in your country; if you want to have a cultural interchange and having new experiences you can travel; but if you want to combine both, definitely you should be a fellow and let the life give a great gift.

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