There is no better time to be alive than today. I always say that today well lived prepares you for a better tomorrow. That is why we have to maximize the time we have in our hands right now. No sitting on the couch all day watching TV. Go to work on becoming the best YOU that you can be. Because it is when you are at your best that you begin to create and capture the most value. Unfortunately, many people don’t get this. We are running from pillar to post in search of the next “How to make 1500 dollars a day from home” and all what not. We need to wise up. How do we do that. Five keys I must share with you,

Start Right where you are today – Kill the procrastination cycle by starting today. You will never be able to figure everything out before beginning for no one can know what tomorrow holds but you can start today and then take calculated risks as you move along.

Be your future self– Become today the person you will want to be tomorrow. See yourself as that top notch consultant, CEO or whatever and carry yourself that way. Imagination and hard work have a way of turning vivid pictures in our minds into tangible success.
Become an Expert in your chosen field- People don’t pay for mediocrity, they pay for expertise. So you want to become an authority figure in your field. Aim to be in top 5% in whatever field you find yourself in. Read, Read and Read!

Build your support system– Have a very robust network of A-list people who challenge you to grow and become all that you want to be. Stop spending time with people who only sap your creative energy rather run away as fast as you can from them. You are usually two to three people away from anything you want to get. Make sure your two to three friends can actually get you to whomever and whatever you are looking for.

Trust time– I have come to realize that time is a friend and not an enemy. Young people always seem to be rushing through life. They want to get a PhD by 19, make a million dollars by 20, get married to a super model by 21, pay cash down for that Lamborghini by 22 and the list goes on. And what do we see happening around us today? Young people are dying before their time due to their involvement in so many illicit activities. Time is a friend. God would have made the gestation period of a woman to be 1 day if He wanted to but He made it 9 months for a reason. There is no overnight success. Somethings just can’t be fast-tracked. I think “Success” is one of them unless you want to play now and pay later.

My final thoughts

  • It is far more better to try and fail than to fail at not trying
  • Don’t wait for the right idea because even the right idea changes once it has been set in motion.
  • Ideas are worth nothing. Execution means everything
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