GLL and Georgetown University wa Yallah!!

Eya from Tunisia, Sara from Pakistan and Olga from Russia

In mid-September we headed to our well known GLL, I’m very excited as this time I’m going to take a certificate from Georgetown University. I have for some reason dreamt once that I’m teaching in Georgetown University. However this is my first time I leave Chicago for a long trip. Yes excited to see all the fellows and the very special class 24 because of course we have lots of things to share among each other… By saying a lot is A LOT!


We are Fancy ya Nancy!

Arrived like a shining star dressing up my new suite (blue to match Atlas Corps logo) and I headed to the famous Soiree of Atlas Corps, I was enjoying the great welcoming and compliment from many of the fellows. Then I met the best persons of my fellowship “Wafa” from Egypt and “Eya” from Tunisia and we went for a drink and four hours of chat and 6 more beers… Did I mention that we have a lot to talk about? Our great lesson learned very much secret stories and experiences. Such a relief to set with them and hear the stories of San Francisco.


From the plane looking to the Michigan lake and Chicago Loop

Back home!!

Finish the GLL with a long weekend ahead and run over to visit my close Jordanian friend in Pennsylvania and also visit her family and specially her daughter Yasmina (My god daughter). Talking about my friend, she is a very special woman as a Jordanian Muslim got married to a white American man and had a gay bridesman in her wedding was great to observe. Then after one day and half I went to see my another close friend also from Jordan, she was roommate, colleague, friend and a caring family for me, I took plane to Boston, where I forget my passport (this is need another blog). When we met I felt like I smelled something fresh from home. I spent another one day and half before I came back home!!! Yes I looked into the window and I saw Chicago raising and shinning and I felt like here we go I’m back home… Wait… it’s so strange to back home when it’s not home. And I kept thinking about what is home. Is home where I was born but left because of a war? Or home where my mom told me it’s her home because home belong to where mother from, or home is this modern city of Amman where people laugh at me in Jordan when I say I’m from Amman as no one is from Amman. Is home somewhere physical or a state of mind? What is home?

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