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About Mary Apollo

Mary has five years of experience in the nonprofit sector focused on gender and women's issues, peace and conflict resolution, media engagement, human rights, and civil rights. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in psychology and mass communication from University of Khartoum, Sudan. Mary currently works for the Niles as a journalist, where she collects and writes news articles for publication. In this role, she has engaged with women activists by offering civics training, encouraging women to participate in public life, and advocating for women’s rights. Previously, Mary worked as an assistant project coordinator for Justice Africa: Sudan, where she wrote and implemented projects and compiled project reports. Mary also collected data for a collaborative research project entitled “Identity and Citizenship in Sudan,” conducted in 2011 by Khartoum University, the University of Oxford, and New York University. Mary has developed skills such as report writing, policy advocacy, government relations, and capacity building. As an Atlas Corps fellow, Mary will be working with the Global Women Institute (GWI). She will write original blog posts and articles for the Policy and Outreach team and advise current research projects on gender-based violence in South Sudan. Upon returning to South Sudan, Mary will assist in disseminating key findings from the research to her community.