Atlas Corps Top 5 of 2012










Click here to watch the Atlas Corps Top 5 of 2012!

Launched Vision 2015.
Our strategy to expand from 50 Fellows to 100 Fellows a year by 2015. Read more online at

Achieved 140 Fellows from 40 countries!
Received applications from more than 150 countries.

Launched 3 classes a year!
We now welcome Fellows starting in January, May, and September.

Initiated 2 major initiatives with the U.S. State Department that will support 14 Fellows from Sudan and 5 Fellows from Pakistan.

Announced that our 1st Fellow ever selected in 2007, Sergio Zuluaga (Colombia), was named Director of Entrepreneurship & Social Innovation for the Government of Colombia.

Read more online at

 Happy Holidays from Atlas Corps! Thanks for being a special part of our network.


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