“Develop a learning orientation! That’s what differentiates the most exceptional people I see out there more than anything else!”

Wendy Kopp, Teach for all

Wendy Kopp is a role model in so many ways, having founded Teach For America out of college and now leading a global network of changemakers in education with Teach For All. She told that when looking for talent potential in people, we need to be aware of our biases and second-guess ourselves before making decisions. Having a team around you and involving their diverse views in the selection process helps reduce bias. At the end of the day, how people have tackled challenges in their past is the biggest predictor for future success. Her advice to young talented people in addition to a learning orientation is that “We only have one life and we need to do something that is mission driven!”

And she shares a fun fact that her son suggested and that will surprise you. Don’t miss it!”

As part of our Atlas Corps #AtlasCorps2025 strategy, we want to learn from leaders across the globe on how they find talent and potential in young people and share their advice with us. How do you develop a learning orientation? Share your thoughts and advice in the comments!