“Embracing mobility is paramount – I encourage young people to go out and get experiences outside of their home and comfort zone.”

Dr. Parag Khanna, FutureMap

Today, we learn from Dr. Parag Khanna about the importance of adapting to the post-pandemic work environment. He is the Founder and Managing Partner of FutureMap, and author of Move: The Forces Uprooting Us. Esquire has named him one of the “75 Most Influential People of the 21st Century.”

Parag defines the new “test of character” by how well talented people embrace self-management and decentralized coordination in a remote world while still building meaningful connections. Lastly, he shares an experience that has shaped his life, personally and professionally.

As part of our Atlas Corps #AtlasCorps2025 strategy, we want to learn from leaders across the globe on how they find #talent and #potential in young people and share their advice with us. What was your defining moment that has made you the leader you are today? Share your thoughts and advice in the comments!