The transition to remote and hybrid office settings over the past two years increased the opportunity for organizations to extend beyond geographic boundaries to recruit the right talent from around the world. Generation and Atlas Corps have partnered to launch a pilot class of Atlas Corps Fellows that capitalizes on these shifts.

Atlas Corps is an international network of social sector leaders and organizations that promotes innovation, cooperation, and solutions to address the world’s 21st-century challenges. Generation is a global nonprofit that prepares, places, and supports people into life-changing careers that would otherwise be inaccessible. In October 2022, these two organizations partnered to launch a Remote Fellowship Program to help emerging global professionals develop the know-how for successfully working and leading remotely across languages and cultures, an essential skill for the 21st century.

The pilot group of Atlas Corps Fellows serving at Generation started their 12-month Fellowship in October 2022. Four young professionals joined the Generation team: Anastasia (Russia), Abdulsamod (Nigeria), Benedicta (Ghana), Jerome (Ghana). Over the next 12 months, these dynamic global professionals will serve full-time with Generation. This full-time placement will be supplemented with Atlas Corps professional development opportunities, which include 200 hours of virtual professional development through the Atlas Corps Global Leadership Lab and Virtual Leadership Institute. These professional development programs explore key leadership skills like peer coaching, agile planning, storytelling for social change, and individual branding.

“For me, this remote Atlas Corps fellowship means a pathway to gain experience in global development and research from where I sit in Ghana, and I can bring fresh perspective and approaches to the Generation team,” said Benedicta, current Atlas Corps Fellow from Ghana who serves at Generation.

Generation is the first organization Atlas Corps has officially partnered with on remote-only fellowships. As a remote-first organization already, Generation, which has recently been ranked 74th in thedotgood’s annual list of the top 200 social good organizations in the world, comes with a global mindset.

“The Atlas Corps Fellows provide a great addition to our team, bringing global talent to move Generation’s work forward,” said Mona Mourshed, Global CEO of Generation. “We are delighted to partner with Atlas Corps as they pilot this new remote approach.”

The Atlas Corps Remote Fellowship is a 12-month leadership development program for the world’s top social change leaders in their home countries. Fellows serve full-time remotely with Host Organizations to develop leadership skills and learn effective practices through the Atlas Corps professional development programs and networking opportunities with other Fellows. In this partnership with Generation for the Remote Fellowship pilot, Fellows will gain experience and develop new perspectives on global issues by serving directly with an international and diverse team focused on the important mission of helping people find life-changing careers. The Fellowship will also help create pathways for leaders to enter the international social change job market.

“We are witnessing a fundamental shift in the way we work as a result of the last two years. The emergence of hybrid and remote professional opportunities can be a huge opportunity for the knowledge economy. Atlas Corps is excited to partner with Generation to create opportunities for young professionals to make a difference in their career and for others,” shared Bidjan Nashat, CEO of Atlas Corps.

Atlas Corps and Generation plan to engage additional Fellows in upcoming years based on the successful review and adaptation of this pilot.

About Generation

Generation is a global employment nonprofit network that supports people to achieve economic mobility so they can change their lives. We train and place adults into careers that would otherwise be inaccessible and seek to improve how education to employment systems function. Generation launched in 2015 and consists of a global hub and a network of in-country affiliates that spans 17 countries. To date, Generation has more than 72,000 graduates who have earned more than $630 million in wages, and works with more than 9,000 employers, implementation partners, and funders. For more, visit

About Atlas Corps

Atlas Corps is an international network of social sector leaders and organizations that promotes innovation, cooperation, and solutions to address the world’s 21st-century challenges. Atlas Corps believes that talent is distributed equally everywhere but opportunity is not yet and that organizations making a difference for people at home and abroad deserve access to the best global talent. Atlas Corps finds diverse global talent, develops leaders, and strengthens organizations through training and fellowship programs and an alumni community of skilled social change professionals. Since 2006, Atlas Corps have connected 1,500+ talented professionals from 115 countries with 300+ of mission-driven organizations in the U.S. Atlas Corps has been profiled as a “best practice” in international exchange by the Brookings Institution and featured in the Washington Post as a model social entrepreneurship program. More details at