Atlas Corps Fellowship – Truly Global Network
In the beginning I feel it quite difficult to write a blog. But its not really something very tough its more about choosing topic. Today at work it just clicked that opssss its 30th November and I am suppose to write my blog.
I was working for Peru and Egypt this whole month reading a bunch of documents to understand Peru’s education system and Family law of Egypt and other gender related issues. I was getting all the documents in Spanish and Arabic. At the same time I was excited and updating my Facebook status too.
I was surprised that who is Sally Salem when she commented on my status which was related to family law of Egypt. I was a bit surprised because there are many people who are added in my friends list after being in Atlas Corps fellowship network. Yes, your guess is right Sally Salem is an Alumna being a previous fellow from Egypt. Right after commenting on each others’ comments, we added each other on Skype. I called on her cell phone from my office to know more about issue I was working on. It was such a wonderful discussion and I feel awesome to know her being a fellow. And I realized how much this was help as her give insight on the issue was really context oriented being an Egyptian national. This was the fastest way to learn about Egyptian family law and other gender issues and current situation going around.
Now it was the time to explore Peru’s education system. Google translator is always there but I never thought we have many Spanish speakers too.
Another fine afternoon, a girl name Daniela, yes who recently completed her fellowship commented that she can help me. I was flying in the air. I send her my documents I translated and she was kind enough to review those documents to help me that whether I am on right track or not and luckily I was on right track.
It is never too late to connect with fellows to seek support or help. This is the meaning of being an Atlas Corps Fellow and make sense that what a Global professional network is.
Just to share that Mexico is 13,963.19 KM (8676.33 miles) and Egypt is 3,769.93 km (2342.53 miles) away from Pakistan. All these 3 countries are located in different continents but it seems like the part of one world which is far away in distance but close to heart.

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