The perfect Guide to Scaling an Atlas Corps Interview

The AtlasCorps fellowship has over the years gained global reputation and recognition among International development organizations of various sizes. With an acceptance rate of less than 2%, the fellowship stands itself out as not just competitive but also impactful. Atlas Corps fellows create meaning impact in the global communities by leading initiatives or strengthening host organizations in various capacities. This article is aimed at giving AtlasCorps applicant first had tips on improving their chances of getting into the AtlasCorps fellowship.

The following are general Tips and mock questions that will help you in preparing for your AtlasCorps fellowship interview. The following are put together by AtlasCorps Fellows who have succeeded in scaling through the interview stage and finally joined the AtlasCorps fellowship.

AtlaCorps Interview guide

1. Why do you want to be an Atlas Corps Fellow? Why should you be considered for the Atlas Corps fellowship.

2. What stands you out, or what skills do you have that stands you out from other applicants applying for the fellowship?

*Applied questions to test your experience and how are able to apply your  experiences or skills in real life situations.

3. An example of a time where you experienced work place conflict either with your team or colleagues and how you able to navigate such situation. (This test your ability to settle or diffuse, handle work place conflicts and team playing skills)

4. Give an example of a time in your professional career where you had to develop personal and community relationship and how your where able to go about this? (This test your professional and interpersonal relationship skills)

5. An example of a time when you faced culture shock and how you were able to navigate such situation.
(This test how you able to adjust to new conditions, people, cultures LGBT community etc)

General Tips:
Here is my advise; even beyond your Atlas Corps Interview.

  • Be passionate about what you do and communicate it well. The Atlas Corps fellowship is centered around social change/impact

  • Know all the information you submitted in your form and be ready to give real examples or proves your work claims. Demonstrate what initiatives or projects you have lead or volunteered. 

  • Prove that you are able to fit and accommodate new culture, believes, environment, groups etc. For example, a good way to do this is share your experiences about how were able to recognize and adapt to new culture, diverse groups, environments easily etc

  • Pay attention to questions, and put thought into how you respond to questions. Smile, be enthusiastic, sincere and happy. If possible make crack meaningful jokes.

  • (Interview stage with organization) Before your interview with a host organization do some research about the organization and if possible about your interviewer. Share how you have used your skills in leading initiatives, projects etc and what skills you have acquired along the process. Mention about the skills you have and how it is relevant to the role being sought or how you are able to contribute your skill to the development of the organization you might be serving with. 

  • Most importantly,  Be prepared for your interview 30mins before the time of your interview, dress smart and appear beautiful/handsome. Ensure to have a back-up plan (internet backup, phone backup should in case Skype Pc start miss behaving) and find a quite place to conduct your interview; away from noise and distractions. 

Best of Luck

Please note the questions and interview tips are not the exact questions from the AtlasCorps organization and does not in anyway reflect atlas corps organization or participating host organizations ideas for scaling an interview.

By: Abolaji Omitogun, Atlas Corps Fellow at Making Cents International

Knowledge Management & Communications Fellow, YouthLead (YouthLead.Org).

May 2019


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