This week of March 7-13, Atlas Corps, with our members who served as AmeriCorps Volunteers, celebrate AmeriCorps Week. AmeriCorps is a voluntary civil society program that engages adults in public service work with the goal of helping others and meeting critical needs in the community in the United States.

Today we want to talk with Matthew, the Special Projects Manager at Atlas Corps, who served as an AmeriCorps Volunteer.

At Atlas Corps, we have a tradition of stating our “Five Facts” when introducing ourselves to new people. What are your five facts?

Name: Matthew Travers

Hometown: San Jose, California – based in Merida, Mexico

Role at Atlas Corps: Special Projects Manager

Social Issue/Interest Area: Youth Empowerment

Fun fact: I’m an amateur ceramicist and my favorite material is Oaxacan clay


How is your AmeriCorps experience helping you to work with Fellows at Atlas Corps?

My year serving at an elementary school in the South Bronx with City Year New York exposed me to the complexity of social inequities and how social issues can compound in marginalized communities. I joined Atlas Corps because I believe in the leadership of Fellows, Alumni, and Scholars to address these complicated issues. As Special Projects Manager, I have the privilege of connecting with donors and stakeholders who share the same belief in our Leader community!

Why did you decide to join the Atlas Corps team after you finished your Peace Corps program?

My service year presented me a huge learning curve but also a lot of personal growth. I served 1600 hours in a 10-month period the first year after graduating high school which I now recognize was a formative year for me. I empathize with Fellows because I understand what it is like to engage in service away from your family and support system. I deeply respect the commitment and passion that Atlas Corps Fellows, Alumni, and Scholars contribute to our community. 

On November 20, Atlas Corps celebrates 15 years of engaging social change leaders. Join us to honor our legacy of service with more than 1,000 leaders from 104 countries at the Atlas Corps 15-Year Anniversary Gala. We will convene friends of Atlas Corps from all sectors and regions of the world to reflect on 15 years of engaging social changemakers and inspire towards our future. Join to connect with our community, meet Fellows, and celebrate Atlas Corps!