With having over a decade experience in the humanitarian and social development sector, I realized that there is now a great deal of need for me to upgrade myself with adding education and experience from an international venue. This was the time when the urge made me start searching for an appropriate platform; a higher degree on a scholarship, an international posting or a training opportunity to re-craft my skills and add to my knowledge. That was when I stumbled upon ‘Atlas Corps’; the life changing opportunity

Aiming to win, I worked on the application with great focus and commitment, going through all the segments carefully to ensure that nothing important is left. For the highly competitive process with so many applicants across the globe with versatile experience, I had never thought of making it to the final stage. But, it happened; my efforts repaid and I was selected as Fellow . . . Hurray…. J

But when it all happened and I was supposed to embark upon my journey, I started to hear a confusing thing all around me;

Sadia! It’s a scam. . . Please don’t go. .

But there were few, very few, who kept pushing me; and here I am now; living among the awesome fellows from all around the Globe, with rich experience, lingual and cultural diversity I could have never managed to live along in my life.



Though it might be, and surely it will be, that every fellow will be feeling lucky to have been placed at such an awesome institution, but guess what, I am sure that I am the luckiest one to be placed at the most amazing organization I could really imagine of; an organization that works at the core of what we need to uplift in Pakistan.

For me with a work experience in managing things limited in its geographic and programmatic nature, this is a life changing opportunity; bigger than anything I planned for. And beyond this is the team I work with; they are bigger in humility; they are who understand the effects of gradual learning process; the process that is helping me staying focused while being flexible with tasks to carry along; learning in a pure multitasking manner, but feeling as if all in connected.

But it isn’t just to my luck; it is more to the great team at Atlas Corps, whose restless efforts at reaching organizations, vetting applications from across the Globe and helping them get placed at appropriate and   awesome organizations are commendable to the degree words can’t express .

Thank you Atlas Corps team! Thank you for providing me an opportunity that I feel is life changing, in my life and with my career. Thank you for helping hundreds of fellows alike, thank you for helping us improve our capacities to serve our people back home in our countries in a more effective and dynamic manner; helping us change the world. I must say we Atlas Corps fellows are awesome!


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